1. Cemetery Contact: Call Roxie Sharpe at 417-234-4077 to verify the deceased’s ownership
of burial rights” and begin grave opening preparations. A completed “Interment Information” sheet
will be required and can be emailed or texted beforehand or can be completed at time of call.
2. Grave Openings/Closings. FULL BURIAL: Rock Prairie will work with funeral homes and
families to use a properly vetted, qualified and competitive grave digger. CREMATED REMAINS:
Families may open cremated remains graves provided they (a) notify Roxie Sharpe BEFORE digging to
verify correct location, and (b) adhere to the following state-mandated rules: (1) there MUST be 27”
of dirt on top of urn or container; (2) all graves left open overnight must be completely covered with a
piece of plywood or other suitable material; (3) care must be taken to avoid damage to other property;
and (4) all debris shall be removed and the ground and sod restored to its original condition in an
expeditious manner.
3. Grave Capacity. FULL BURIAL: One (1) human remains or two (2) cremated remains per each
4’ x 10’ full-burial plot with one single or double monument (max. 2’ x 4’). CREMATED REMAINS:
Two (2) inurnment in each 4’ x 6’ cremated remains plot with one flush marker. No combination of
full burial and cremated remains is allowed. Stacking of bodies is not allowed. MAUSOLEUM:
Maximum of two interments per slot with space for two names on door.
4. Vaults. FULL BURIAL: Concrete vaults with covers are REQUIRED at Rock Prairie. There are no
restrictions governing caskets sealed within a concrete vault. CREMATED REMAINS: Vaults are not
required. MAUSOLEUM: Caskets must be sealed with a brick wall constructed between each
interment and at the door.
5. Release of Liability. Neither the Cemetery nor its Board/agents shall be liable for errors made
in the location of graves arising from improper instructions from persons making arrangements.
Orders from funeral directors shall be construed as orders from the plot owner(s) of record.
6. Chapel. We have a beautiful, historic chapel that is always available to you. It has electricity,
but no running water. A board member will prepare and unlock the building free of charge. A donation
is appreciated.
If you need any further information, feel free to contact a board member.
Thank you!
Rock Prairie Cemetery
P.O. BOX 45 HALLTOWN, MO 65664
6012 LAWRENCE 1242 ASH GROVE, MO 65604
Webpage: www.rockprairiecemetery.com
Email: rockprairiecemetery@yahoo.com
Jim Carson, President
Jerry Tuttle, Vice President
Roxie Sharpe, Secretary
Sherry Neeley, Treasurer
Josh Noggle, Sexton
Mike Pyeatt, Director
June 20, 2022
Revised: 6/20/2022