Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
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Halltown, Missouri
Rules & Regulations
Effective Date: 2/15/2023
Last Revised: 02/01/2018
DEFINITIONS 3 ...........................................................................................................
SECTION 1 – GENERAL 4 ..........................................................................................
SECTION 2 – PERSONAL CONDUCT 6 .....................................................................
SECTION 3 – FLOWERS, PLANTS, DECORATIONS 6 .............................................
SECTION 4 – VEHICULAR TRAFFIC & ANIMALS 8 ................................................
SECTION 5 - BURIALS: INTERMENTS AND INURNMENTS 9 ................................
SECTION 6 - HEADSTONES, MONUMENTS, & MARKERS 10 .................................
SECTION 7 - SALE OF PLOTS 14 .................................................................................
SECTION 8 -CEMETERY RECORDS MAINTENANCE 16 ..........................................
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
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Association - Persons with voting rights in the conduct of business for Rock Prairie Cemetery.
Board - Rock Prairie Cemetery Association’s duly formed and elected ocials comprised of a President, Vice-President,
Treasurer, Secretary, Sexton, Maintenance Supervisor, Building Supervisor, and one additional member all of whom
volunteer to serve without compensation to oversee the operation, maintenance and development of RPC. Two oces
may be held by a single person, i.e. VP/Maintenance Supervisor or Secretary/Sexton.
Cemetery - Rock Prairie Cemetery, Halltown, Missouri.
Cremated Remains Lot - an area measuring 4’ x 6’ divided into three (3) 4’ x 2’ sections to accommodate a marker and
two inurnment plots.
Crypt - a casket space in a mausoleum used for or intended to be used for the entombment of human remains.
Decorations - include, but are not limited to, flowers (artificial or real), plants (in pots), wreaths, monument saddles,
small figurines, personal mementos, etc. all in suitable containers.
Deed Certificate - a document issued by RPC conveying burial rights in a designated Plot, Crypt or Niche to
Purchaser(s) describing the location and naming the Owner(s) of said Plot, Crypt or Niche. Purchasers of Plots, Crypts
or Niches simply acquire the right of burial - they do not own the land.
Endowed Care - the maintenance, repair and care of all burial space subject to the Endowment within a cemetery,
including any improvements made for the benefit of such burial space. Endowed Care shall include the general overhead
expenses needed to accomplish such maintenance, repair, care and improvements. Endowed Care shall include the terms
perpetual care, permanent care, continual care, eternal care, care of duration, or any like term.
Endowed Care Cemetery - a cemetery or a section of a cemetery, which represents itself as oering endowed care and
which complies with the provisions of MO RSA §§ 214.270 to 214.410.
Endowment Fund - a state-mandated investment account funded with proceeds from the sale of cemetery plots,
bequests, donations, grants, gifts of all kinds or property, in fee simple or otherwise, for the express purpose of
maintaining a cemetery, its property and graves forever. Only the earnings/profits are available to RPC for Cemetery
operating expenses and/or reinvestment.
Family Lot - an area of eight plots or more restricted to a group of persons related by blood or marriage.
Grounds Crew - the person(s) whom the Board has hired or permitted to perform work in and around RPC grounds.
Headstone - a memorial stone placed at the head of a grave typically rising up from the ground and not flush with the
ground as in the case of a marker.
Interment - the burial of a corpse in a grave or a tomb.
Inurnment - the placing of cremated human remains in an urn and placement of such urn in a niche, crypt, burial space
or other suitable location in a cemetery.
Lawn Crypt - an interment space that contains a pre-constructed and pre-buried vault capable of holding a casket.
Marker - a grave marker that lies flat on the ground.
Mausoleum - a structure or building for the entombment of human remains in Crypts.
Memorial - a Monument, tombstone, grave marker or headstone identifying a grave or graves or a nameplate with
inscription identifying a Crypt or Niche.
Monument - an upright memorial of a permanent nature that protrudes above the lawn surface made principally of
stone, granite or marble.
Niche - a space in a Mausoleum or Columbarium used or will be used for the inurnment of cremated human remains.
Owner(s) - the person(s) (1) to whom RPC has conveyed a burial right(s) or (2) who has acquired such rights by
transfer in accordance with the rules of RPC or (3) who holds such burial rights by inheritance.
Plot - designates a parcel of land in Rock Prairie Cemetery, Halltown, Missouri, as described in the plats of Rock Prairie
Cemetery, bearing identification as follows: Section ___ Lot __ Plot __ and conveying the right and privilege of burial.
Purchase of Burial Rights Agreement - a written contract (of varying names throughout the years) between the
Cemetery and a private party conveying burial rights in a designated plot, crypt or niche describing the location, Plot
type, purchase price, and naming the Owner(s) of said Plot(s) and their Beneficiaries.
Single grave - a grave for one person.
Surface Lawn Crypt - a sealed burial chamber whose lid protrudes above the land surface.
Trustee of an Endowed Care Fund - the separate legal entity qualified under § 214.330 appointed as trustee of an
endowed care fund.
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
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PURPOSE: These Rules and Regulations have been adopted as a guide to the use and
management of Rock Prairie Cemetery (hereafter, “RPC”). The Board recognizes that RPC
represents sacred ground to some as well as spiritual contemplation and quiet reflection to others in
its role as the final resting place of friends and family; therefore, the Board seeks to maintain RPC in
the best possible manner befitting those deeply personal values. These Rules & Regulations will help
protect all who have an interest here and are deemed necessary for the preservation of Plots as well
as for the proper conduct and good order of RPC.
EFFECTIVE DATE: These Rules and Regulations shall take eect on February 15, 2023, and
supersede any other rules and regulations adopted by the Board concerning the operation and
regulation of RPC. All Owners of interment rights, visitors and contractors performing work within
RPC shall be subject to these Rules and Regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted
by the Board from time to time.
ENFORCEMENT: In accordance with the Revisor of Statutes MO Title XII. Public Health and
Welfare §214:132, those persons in violation of these Rules and Regulations shall be guilty of a
violation. Persons in violation of these Rules and Regulations are subject to removal from RPC
grounds by a Police Ocer.
1-1 Control and Authorization: For the benefit of all interment right owners, the RPC Association
grants to its Board of Directors full and complete supervision, control and management of the
land, buildings, improvements, roads, walks, utilities, development, books and records, and the
full and complete authority, rights and privileges to make, change administer and enforce all
Rules and Regulations and restrictions not inconsistent with the laws of this State wherein RPC
is located.
1-2 Cemetery hours. RPC shall be open between sunrise and sunset. Visitors shall make
reasonable eorts to adhere to these open hours. Any person found on RPC grounds after closing
will be considered a trespasser.
1-3 Children. Children in RPC under the age of twelve (12) years must be accompanied by an
adult at all times.
1-4 Firearms and Weapons. The use or possession of firearms or other weapons, including, but
not limited to, guns or bows and arrows within RPC is prohibited. This prohibition shall not
apply to authorized volleys at burial services conducted by recognized military organizations or
associations of the United States.
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
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1-5 Improvements to Grounds/Plots. The Board shall direct/oversee all improvements made
within the grounds and upon all Plots before and after interments.
1-6 Maintenance of RPC Grounds. The care and maintenance of RPC grounds and Plots is the
responsibility of the Board through their designated Maintenance Supervisor and shall include
mowing and trimming grass, shrubs and trees at reasonable intervals, raking, cleaning, grading
and seeding plots, repair and maintenance of Cemetery fences and gates, repair of grave markers
when no living Owner(s) of the Plot can be located as well as the upkeep of roadways, buildings
and benches. Monuments or headstones that are tipped or not level due to improper installation
are the responsibility of the Plot Owner(s) and arrangements should be made with the
monument company who performed the original installation. If that is not possible, then a
private contractor may be hired to do the job.
1-7 Personal Responsibility/Liability. RPC will take all reasonable precautions to protect Plot
Owners and their property within RPC from loss, damage or injury, but it shall not be
responsible for any such loss, damage or injury.
1-8 Rates Charged for Work/Services. Services and work performed on behalf of RPC or for
materials purchased from RPC will be at rates as approved by the Board.
1-9 Right to Enter. RPC shall have the right to enter upon or use any adjoining Plot or Plots to
carry out its duties as to interments, erection of monuments or markers, etc., without prior
notice to the Plot Owner.
1-10 Signs/Advertising Prohibited. No signs or notices of any kind, including advertisements, shall
be allowed in RPC unless authorized by the Board. Peddling of any kind or soliciting the sale of
any commodity other than by RPC, is prohibited within the confines of the cemetery.
1-11 Unauthorized Activities. No demonstrations, memorial services or other concerted activity,
unrelated to funerals, cenotaph services or interments may be held in RPC without prior
authorization from the Board.
1-12 Use of Walkways and Roads. All persons shall enter RPC through established entranceways.
Any person injured while walking on the grass, walkways or roads shall in no way hold RPC
liable for any such injuries.
1-13 Violation Penalty. Unless otherwise provided by State law pertaining to cemeteries or burial of
the dead, a maximum fine of fifty dollars ($50.00) plus restitution of damages shall be imposed
upon any person violating the provisions of these Rules & Regulations.
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
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2-1 Cemetery Etiquette. Individuals entering RPC shall conduct themselves in a manner
consistent with the purposes for which RPC exists, namely, quiet reflection and remembrance of
those buried showing respect for those interred as well as for other individuals who may be
visiting RPC. No conduct which is disruptive or causes damage to RPC, Plots, gravestones,
structures, improvements, or natural features of the cemeteries will be tolerated.
2-2 Damage Prohibited. Defacing or otherwise damaging any property, Monument, stone, fence or
other structure within RPC, including picking or mutilating any flowers, either wild, cultivated,
fresh-cut or decorative, breaking or cutting trees, shrubbery and plants, or disturbing birds and
animal life is strictly prohibited.
2-3 Lounging on Grounds. Use of RPC as picnic grounds or sitting or lounging on any of the
graves or memorials in RPC except on benches or seats provided for that purpose is prohibited.
2-4 Alcoholic Beverages/Drugs. Consuming or bringing alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in
RPC is strictly prohibited.
2-5 Noise During Services. No loud talking or noisemaking shall be permitted on or near RPC
grounds during funeral services.
2-6 Solicitation Prohibited. Approaching the bereaved and soliciting, promoting or advertising any
business, services, commodities or commercial enterprise is prohibited within RPC. See also,
Section 1.10 of these Rules & Regulations.
2-7 Waste Materials. No waste material shall be left within RPC grounds. Receptacles are
provided for rubbish or debris.
2-8 Work On Grounds. No person other than employees of RPC or workers hired, commissioned
or contracted by the Board, shall be allowed to perform any work, including improvements,
repairs, additions, changes, etc. within RPC without permission from the Board.
3-1 Boundaries. In all cases, decorations, ornaments, plantings, shrubbery, parts of shrubbery and
plantings, memorials, or other additions to a Plot shall not extend beyond the boundaries of the
Plot. This restriction is not grandfathered and exceptions shall not be made.
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
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3-2 Bushes, Plants, Shrubs and Tree Plantings: The planting of bushes, plants, shrubs or trees
anywhere on RPC grounds is prohibited. Existing bushes, plants, shrubs and trees may be
removed by the Board or Grounds Keepers, if detrimental and/or unsightly to RPC property.
3-3 Decoration Placement. Flowers (artificial or real), plants and flowers in pots, wreaths,
monument saddles, small figurines, personal mementos, etc. in suitable containers are allowed
on and around the headstone or family monument in an area not to exceed eighteen (18) inches
from the headstone and must be totally inside the perimeter of the Plot and shall in no way
interfere with mowing and maintenance. The Board reserves the right to remove any items
deemed non-compliant. Decorations may be placed from April 1st through September 30th and
November 1st through the end of February.
3-4 Decorations that are Prohibited. Items made of or contained in glass jars, tin cans, plastic food
containers and other temporary or easily breakable containers are prohibited.
3-5 Decoration Removal: The Board, at its discretion, reserves the right to remove any and all
decorations as well as weeds, trees, shrubs, plants or herbage of any kind, from RPC. Items
placed in the path of mowers will be removed promptly.
3-6 Scheduled Cleanups: RPC will be cleared of decorations twice a year. Spring cleanup takes
place in March and Fall cleanup takes place in October. Anyone wishing to retain their
decorations (cement pots excluded) must remove them prior to those months. New decorations
may be placed beginning April 1 and November 1, respectively.
3-7 Fencing and Curbing. No fences, wire enclosures, or curbing for flower beds may be placed on
any Plot and no wires or other means of support may be used for flower containers.
3-8 Flags for Veterans. As a special mark of respect to those who have served our country and
state, the American flag may be displayed on the graves of those persons who have honorably
served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America and other service organizations.
These flags shall be removed when they become soiled, faded, torn or otherwise unsightly.
3-9 Liability for Decorations. RPC shall not be liable for lost, misplaced or damaged floral pieces,
vases, baskets, frames or urns. RPC shall not be responsible for frozen plants or herbage of any
kind, or for plantings damaged by the elements, thieves, vandals or by other causes beyond its
3-10 Markers and Holders. Lawn markers and flag holders of the type provided by the American
Legion and other organizations are permitted near headstones.
3-11 Potted Flowers/Plants and Vases. Potted flowers/plants the size of which shall not exceed ten
(10) inches and vases with flowers are allowed around the headstone or family monument in an
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
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area not to exceed eighteen (18) inches from the headstone and must be totally inside the
perimeter of the Plot.
3-12 Removal of Sod, Earth or Gravel Prohibited. No person shall remove the sod, earth or gravel
from any Plot, roadway or area within RPC.
4-1 Bicycles. No bicycles shall be admitted to RPC when a funeral is in progress.
4-2 Dogs and Domesticated Animals. No dog or other domesticated animal shall not be allowed
on RPC grounds unless leashed, under control, and quieted. Owners shall be responsible for the
removal of any animal waste or destruction of grass, plants or shrubs caused by their animals.
4-3 Horses Prohibited. Horseback riding within or through RPC is expressly prohibited unless
part of an honor guard ceremony.
4-4 Hunting. Hunting of any type on or near Cemetery property is strictly prohibited. Absolutely
no firearms are allowed on Cemetery grounds except as otherwise stated in these Rules and
Regulations (see Section 1-4).
4-5 Motorcycles. Motorcycles are prohibited from entering RPC except with prior approval from
the Board.
4-6 O-Road Vehicles. No person except for those authorized by the Board shall operate an o-
road recreational vehicle, including, but not limited to, mini-bikes, trail bikes, all terrain vehicles
(ATVs), or similar vehicles within the grounds of RPC.
4-7 Right to Operate Vehicles. The right to use automobiles or other vehicles in RPC is
authorized solely and exclusively for the purpose of transporting persons to visit burial plots. All
vehicles operated on Cemetery grounds are strictly limited to roads designed for that purpose
and are subject to all of the trac laws of the Town of Halltown and State of Missouri.
4-8 Speed Limit. The speed limit within RPC is ten (10) miles per hour. Parking and/or driving on
any gardens or grassy areas is prohibited for purposes other than those obtained from RPC.
4-9 Use of Trucks. No persons shall enter RPC with a loaded truck except the Grounds Crew
unless permission has been granted from the Board or Grounds Crew. No person shall unload
any stone, dirt or other material from trucks in RPC except the Grounds Keepers in the normal
discharge of their work.
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
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5-1 Burial Rates. Burial rates shall be billed and collected by participating funeral homes.
5-2 Burial Transit Permit. No burial shall take place without a burial transit permit from the state
where the death occurred. All conditions of laws and rules & regulations will be followed.
5-3 Burials From Out of State. In matters pertaining to burials coming into RPC from out-of-state
agencies, unless the exact Plot and grave location is ordered with sucient identification to the
satisfaction of the Board, the body will remain with the outside agency pending proper
arrangements at the family's expense.
5-4 Care of Plots. The proceeds from the sale of all cemetery Plots goes directly into RPC
Endowment Fund. The interest/dividends accrued in the Endowment Fund may be used for care
and maintenance of RPC or rolled back into the Endowment Fund.
5-5 Exhumation. No exhumation of a body will be made until the written consent of the next of
kin of the person whose body is to be exhumed and/or all legal documentation has been
5-6 Grave Capacity: Full Burial. Only one (1) human remains or two (2) Cremated Remains per
each four foot by ten foot (4’ x 10’) full-burial Plot is allowed with one Monument. No
combination of Full Burial and Cremated Remains is allowed. Stacking of bodies is not allowed.
Any exceptions require written approval from the Board.
5-7 Grave Capacity: Cremated Remains. Two (2) Inurnments are allowed in each four foot by six
foot (4’ x 6’) Lot with one flush Marker. Additional Markers require board approval.
5-8 Liability. Neither the Board nor RPC shall be liable for errors in location of graves on Plots
arising from improper instructions from persons making arrangements. In all cases, orders for
grave openings shall be communicated to the Board or Sexton in writing. Orders from funeral
directors shall be construed as orders from Owners.
5-9 Preparation of Grave: Cremated Remains. A Board member shall be contacted as soon as
possible regarding an upcoming burial to allow time for marking the Plot for grave opening.
Grave may be dug by family members or their assignees with strict adherence to the following:
(a) exact location of grave has been marked o by a board member before any digging begins, (b)
grave size is to be no larger than three feet by two feet (3’ x 2’), (c) MUST (by State law) include
no less than 27 inches of dirt on top of urn or container and (d) the first grave in a Cremated
Remains Lot must be centered within the second westernmost two foot x four foot (2’ x 4’)
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
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section leaving the easternmost section for a second inurnment and the first section for the
5-10 Preparation of Grave: Full Burial. A Board member shall be contacted as soon as possible
regarding an upcoming burial to allow time for marking the Plot for grave opening. The funeral
home/director shall bear full responsibility for the successful and timely work of grave
preparation, including artificial grass, burial vaults and lowering device.
5-11 Forfeiture of Burial Rights. Ownership of Burial Rights will be deemed “Forfeited” and
subject to reclamation by RPC after 10050 years from the date of sale, but only after proper
notice and due diligence have been exercised in locating Owner or Owner’s heirs/beneficiaries
and no record can be found documenting transfer of ownership to another person. Proper notice
and due diligence means publishing all names attached to “Unused” Plots (i) in two local
newspapers of general circulation, (ii) on RPC Chapel door, (iii) in the Annual Newsletter to all
Voting Members of the Association of record, and (iv) on RPC website. A waiting period of no
less than one year shall be observed before declaring a forfeiture.
5-12 Reclaiming “Forfeited” Burial Rights. To reclaim and sell any “Unused and Forfeited
Interment Rights” the guidelines as previously set forth in Section 5-11 must be met. After
waiting the required one-year period and receiving no response, then RPC shall be lawfully
entitled to reclaim the rights to the burial plot and resell or use in whatever way the Board deems
in the best interest of RPC. If, however, after the required one-year wait period, an interment
owner or successor comes forward and proves ownership, then RPC will oer a replacement Plot
at no charge.
5-13 Vaults. All full-burials require that remains be enclosed in a sealed vault under the
supervision of Board personnel. The following are acceptable vault materials: concrete boxes with
cover, ceramic cremation urns, or any material made to withstand the elements of burial.
6-1 Authorization. RPC allows Memorials, Monuments and Markers of dimensions, design and
materials as approved by the Board in accordance with these Rules and Regulations. The Board
shall have the authority to reject any plan or design for any Memorial and/or Plot improvement
which, on account of size, design, inscription, location, kind or quality of stone, is unsuited to
the Plot on which it is to be placed or is not in conformity with the Rules and Regulations (See
Rejection Appeal section 6-23 below).
6-2 Board Approval. Board approval must be secured before purchasing or commencing work
upon any Memorial. Drawings/Plans prepared by the Owner or Memorial dealer/installer shall,
at a minimum, (1) show the proposed size and location of the Memorial(s) within the Plot or
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
space approved; (2) show the design and materials of the Memorial(s), as well as inscriptions;
and (3) shall be submitted in duplicate to the Board. Upon approval, a signed copy of the
Drawings/Plans will be returned to the Owner and one copy will be retained by the Board. Any
changes required as part of the approval will be duly notated on the Drawings/Plans.
6-3 Cornerstone Markers. Cornerstone markers (bounders) shall be of natural stone; placed flush
with the grade. Cornerstone markers do not require foundations. They shall not exceed six inches
(6”) in width by six inches (6”) in length and shall be set at the extreme corners of the Plot and
square with the bounds of the Plot. Initials shall be incised (cut in), not raised.
6-4 Cornerstone Marker Location and Placement. Installations of cornerstone markers are subject
to Board approval and supervision. Cornerstone marker locations shall be determined by a Board
member and clearly marked with pins or wooden pegs. Cornerstone markers are to be installed
by the Monument company as indicated by the Board’s pins or pegs.
6-5 Damage Control. Persons engaged in erecting Memorials or other structures are prohibited
from attaching ropes to other Memorials, trees and shrubs, or from scattering their material over
adjoining Plots or from blocking roadways or pathways or from leaving materials on the ground
longer than absolutely necessary. Care must be taken to avoid damage. All debris shall be
removed and the ground and sod restored to its original condition in an expeditious manner.
6-6 Flush Markers. Flush grave Markers are required for Cremated Remains Lots and must
include the name, date of birth, and date of death. Flush Markers shall be set so that the top will
be at grade level. Flush Markers shall not be larger than forty-eight inches by eighteen inches
(48” x 18”). Locations of all Flush Markers shall be approved and marked o by a Board member
and shall be placed by a monument company or funeral director under the supervision of a Board
member. Additional Flush Markers require Board approval.
6-7 Foundations. Monuments and Headstones shall have a solid, one-piece foundation of width
and length equal to the base of the Monument and must be a minimum of four feet (4’) deep.
Flush Marker foundations are recommended and should be a minimum of two feet (2’) deep.
Foundations for Monuments are the responsibility of the company installing the Monument and
shall be constructed of concrete. Foundations shall not be built during inclement weather or
when there is danger of damage from frost. No stone shall be set before the foundation is fully
6-8 Headstone Bases. Bases for Headstones/Monuments shall be the responsibility of the
company installing the Headstones or Monument.
6-9 Headstones/Monuments - Double. Headstones/Monuments for two adjoining grave sites may
have individual stones as described above, or a single stone not to exceed fifty-two inches (52”)
in width at the widest point and centered from left to right over two sites.
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
6-10 Headstones/Monuments - Group. Headstones/Monuments for three or four adjoining grave
sites may have any combination(s) described above or a single stone not to exceed seventy-two
inches (72”) in width at the widest point and centered from left to right over the expanse of the
6-11 Headstones/Monuments Placement. One (1) Monument shall be allowed on a Plot and shall
be set in the space approved and marked by the Board at least three inches inside the Plot lines. If
adjoining Plots are owned by the same Owner, the Monument may be centered on the Plots
unless said placement blocks a walkway. Any other placements or exceptions to this Section 6-11
shall require unanimous Board approval and a signed Indemnity Agreement provided by RPC.
6-12 Headstones/Monuments - Single. Headstones/Monuments for a single grave site shall not
exceed forty-two inches (42”) in width at the widest point and shall be centered on the gravesite.
6-13 Independent Contractors. Workmen engaged in placing or erecting Memorials and other
structures, grinding materials, or performing other work in RPC may operate as independent
contractors, but must do so with the permission of the Board and must be under the general
supervision of the Board. Proof of insurance is required.
6-14 Inscriptions. The name or inscription on each Headstone, Monument or Memorial must
correspond with the name on record with RPC. No changes shall be made thereon except by
written request from the proper parties and after written permission is provided by the Board.
6-15 Liability. RPC will take all reasonable precautions to protect Owners and their property within
the cemetery from loss, damage or injury, but it shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or
injury regardless of fault. If any Headstone, Monument, Marker or Memorial shall become
unsightly, in need of repair or attention, or a menace, RPC will notify the Owner(s) thereof to
take such steps as necessary to place the structure in satisfactory condition. If such Owner(s)
fails to comply with this notice within a reasonable length of time, RPC shall have the right to
cause the necessary repairs to be made and the cost thereof shall be charged to the Owner(s) or
constitute a lien upon the lot(s). Any such charge resulting from such action, remaining unpaid
for a period of six months or more, will prohibit the Owner(s) from any subsequent burials until
such time that the lien is satisfied.
6-16 Limitations. There shall be only one (1) above-ground Monument per full-burial Plot. All
cornerstones, grass markers, and Markers shall be set flush with the lawn surface so that no part
shall protrude above the surface of the ground.
6-17 Maintenance. In addition to grave Plot(s) as covered in Section 5.4 of these Rules &
Regulations, Owner(s) must maintain any Memorials or plantings at Owner’s expense. RPC can
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
be hired to assist in said maintenance for a fee. Donations to the cemetery’s operating fund is not
to be construed as payment toward this maintenance.
6-18 Marker Placement On Cremated Remains Plots. Cremated Remains Lots are four feet by six
feet (4’ x 6’) and divided into three (3) two-foot (2’) sections to accommodate two inurnments
and one flush Marker. The Flush Marker shall not exceed forty-two inches by eighteen inches
(42” x 18”) as set forth in the preceding section 6-6 and shall be centered on the westernmost
two-foot (2’) section of the Lot. Monuments will be allowed in special predesignated rows as set
by RPC’s Maintenance Supervisor and subject to the approval of the Board.
6-19 Monument Lettering. All lettering on Memorials shall be cut (incised) or sandblasted onto
the surface of the stone.
6-20 Monument Size on Standard 16’ x 20’ Lots. The size of a family Monument shall be
determined by the ratio of its Face Area (length of longest side multiplied by total height above
the ground) to the Surface Area of the Lot (length multiplied by width). The Face Area of each
Monument shall not exceed 15% of the Lot Surface Area. RPC Lots have a Surface Area of 320
square feet (16’ x 20’) making the maximum allowable Monument Face Area forty-eight (48)
square feet. The Monument length shall not exceed 60% of the sixteen foot (16’) Lot width or
nine feet six inches (9’6”). The above are for maximum size only. It is often desirable to build a
Monument less than the maximum allowed. Only one large family Monument shall be allowed
on each Lot. Multiple flush Markers are authorized to mark individual burials.
6-21 Monument Workers. Letter cutters, persons or firms who engage in the business of cleaning
Memorials (not connected with established retail dealers already on the approved list of dealers)
and all other persons or firms must procure approval from the Board before the start of any work
in RPC.
6-22 Notification of Non-Compliance. The Board shall notify the Owner, in writing, of any
deficiency or non-compliance regarding any Headstones, Monuments or Markers and provide a
date when corrective action must be taken. After such date has passed, the Marker in violation
may be pulled pending compliancy. Any work done by Grounds Crew to correct such deficiency
or non-compliance will be charged to and paid in full by Plot Owner at a rate commensurate with
the current industry standard.
6-23 Rejection Appeal. If the plan for the memorial is rejected, such rejection shall be made within
fifteen (15) days and explanation given. Upon written appeal submitted to the Board, any
rejection shall be promptly reviewed by the acting Sexton and Board. The applicant may appeal to
discuss the plan and reasons for rejection.
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
6-24 Responsibility for Damages. Any damage to Plots, walks, drives, trees, shrubs, or other
property by dealers and contractors or their agents shall be repaired by and at the expense of said
dealer or contractor or their principal.
6-25 Time Limit for Placement. A permanent marker - Headstone, Monument or flush Marker - is
required within six (6) months of burial.
6-26 Walkways within a Plot. Walkways or paved areas within a Plot shall not be allowed unless
proposed on a sketch of the Plot and approved in writing by the Board prior to placement.
Materials and installation methods must be durable and resist weathering without creating
interference for maintenance. The top surface of the walk material shall be flush (level) with the
surrounding ground surface. Cinders, sand, gravel, crushed stone, pebbles, wood, artificial stone
and cement are prohibited. The Board reserves the right to remove the same, if installed without
7-1 Address Changes. All Plot Owners are required to notify the Board Secretary of any change of
address. All Owner correspondence and notices required to be sent shall be sent to the last
recorded address and such notices shall be deemed adequate.
7-2 Certificate Issuance. The Board issues to each Plot purchaser “rights to burial” for Lots,
Crypts or Niches evidenced by a Plot Certificate and/or a Purchase of Burial Rights Agreement
describing the location and naming the Owner(s) of said location. The issuance of such Plot
Certificate will constitute a form of recognition of ownership of burial rights. Full purchase price
must be paid before a Plot Certificate is issued and before any burials are made.
7-3 Certificate Loss. In the event of loss or destruction of a Plot Certificate and upon the
presentation of a written request accompanied by a properly executed adavit by the Owner
setting forth the circumstances of the loss or destruction and indemnification for RPC, the Board
will prepare a duplicate Plot Certificate or Purchase of Burial Rights Agreement from its records.
7-4 Documentation. Plot sales shall be evidenced by a Plot Certificate and/or Purchase of Burial
Rights Agreement prepared by the Board Secretary and signed by one member of the Board. Such
Purchase of Burial Rights Agreement shall state the name(s) of the purchaser(s), purchase price,
amount paid, location, including section, lot number(s), and Plot letter(s). Possession of the Plot
Certificate by a person who is not listed thereon is not in itself evidence of ownership. The
naming of more than one Owner is indicative of joint ownership in common with rights of
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
7-5 Plots: Cremated Remains. The entire RC&P Downing section of RPC has been designated for
Cremated Remains with each Plot having been surveyed and marked. Cremated Remains plots
measure four feet by six feet (4’ x 6’) or 24 square feet and allow for two inurnments and one
flush Marker. Plot records shall be clearly marked and updated after each inurnment to ensure
accurate plot usage and space availability. See Sections 5-7, 5-9 and 6-18 of these Rules and
Regulations for further instructions.
7-6 Plots: Full Burial. A full burial Plot measures four feet by ten feet (4’ x 10’) or 40 square feet
allowing for one interment or two inurnments. A group of eight (8) plots can be sold as a Family
Lot measuring sixteen feet by twenty feet (16’ x 20’) or 320 square feet and allow for up to eight
(8) interments or up to 16 inurnments. Stacking of bodies or placing cremated remains on top of
a full burial is strictly prohibited.
7-7 Plots: Purchase Price. The purchase price of all Plots whether Full Burial or Cremated
Remains is $300.00 and is subject to increase from time to time as the Board deems proper and
necessary. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of every Plot will go directly into
RPC’s Endowment Fund.
7-8 Plots: Usage. All Plots in RPC are sold in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the
State of Missouri and shall not be used for any other purpose than as a burial place for dead
human beings.
7-9 Reclamation of Interment Rights. RPC reserves the right to reclaim any interment rights
considered abandoned. Abandonment of a Plot means the Plot has been unused for a period of
not less than 50 years and no transfer of ownership record exists. Once abandonment is duly
established then all names of record shall be (1) published in two local papers of general
circulation, (2) posted at RPC, and (3) listed in RPC’s annual newsletter. After a period of one
year, RPC will have the right to resell the interment rights. If, after said one-year waiting period,
the interment Owner or successor can prove their ownership, then Cemetery will oer a
replacement interment at no charge.
7-10 Restrictions. Plot Owners are prohibited from allowing burials to be made on their lots for
7-11 Title Transfer/Sale. If a Plot Owner sells or transfers title to his or her Plot, as provided by
these Regulations, he or she must pay any and all indebtedness due RPC before such transfer of
title will be allowed.
7-12 Transfer of Burial Rights. The Owner may dispose of burial rights by will or, should Owner
die intestate, such burial rights shall pass according to the laws of the State governing intestacy,
provided, however, RPC shall not be bound by such transfers unless and until an exemplification
of record of same has been presented to it and such change has been recorded on the books and
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery
records of RPC. Any Plot, Crypt or Niche in which there are no burials, entombments or
inurnment may be transferred to a new Owner provided the original Plot Certificate or Purchase
of Burial Rights Agreement or other documentation deemed true and correct is submitted to RPC
together with a proper transfer agreement.
8-1 Treasurer. Ocial records of RPC regarding finances, Plot sales and historical information
shall be the responsibility of the Board’s Treasurer and maintained in accordance to the following
Original Plot Certificates and Purchase of Burial Rights Agreements shall be kept in RPC’s
bank safety deposit box or a fireproof strongbox for safekeeping or digitally on an external hard
drive or in the Cloud. A copy of each Plot Certificate and Purchase of Burial Rights Agreement
shall be sent via email or text to the Board Secretary and originals mailed or hand delivered so
pertinent records may be established and/or updated.
The Treasurer shall receive and reconcile the bank statements, OR write checks, but not
both unless the board unanimously agrees to a temporary exception.
Incoming checks should receive immediate restrictive endorsement (preferably a bank
stamp, or handwritten "For deposit only, ABC Bank, Account # 123445") and be deposited within
a week, with no cash back.
Outgoing checks must be supported by an approved invoice, receipt, or a voucher prepared
by the volunteer, if a receipt or invoice isn't available. If a fellow volunteer asks for a
reimbursement, but doesn't have a receipt, respond "I wouldn't be doing my job as Treasurer if I
didn't insist on receipts from everyone."
Except for regular monthly bills and purchases authorized by the board, checks over $50
shall require two signatures and never be signed in advance.
8-2 Secretary. Ocial records of RPC regarding Interments, Inurnments, donors, the website, all
meeting minutes, newsletters, general correspondence, mailing lists, digitized information, etc.
shall be the responsibility of the Board’s Secretary. The Secretary shall receive notice and copies
of all sales, transfers and burials within a period of five (5) days after being executed and shall
promptly update the respective records. Information may be sent via email or text, but originals
must be mailed or delivered in person.
8-3 Copies/Backups of Records. The Secretary shall maintain copies of Plot Certificates and
Purchase of Burial Rights Agreements for the purposes of digitizing such information, but
originals should be stored in RPC’s bank’s lock box.
Rules and Regulations
Rock Prairie Cemetery